The beginning of Victoria Boucher Photography

winter wedding photography
Photo from the first wedding I photographed

My career as a photographer began almost ten years ago, but my love for creating beautiful images goes back much further. I remember carrying around a little pink Barbie camera as a little girl. I would have my friends pose for portraits as if they were famous celebrities. I loved the whole process of creating these photographs.

After high school I worked at a popular retail store with a friendly giraffe mascot. Part of my job was to display the new graphics in the clothing department, and I was always impressed with the imagery. I used this job to pay for classes at community college, but I was still trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I ended up taking a photography course that renewed my childhood passion. One day as I was talking to one of my professors something just clicked (no pun intended). He inspired confidence in me and my work; and made me realize that I wanted to tell stories with beautiful images that I created.

After getting my associates degree I moved on to Bridgewater State College and began working on my degree in photography.  A childhood friend had started her wedding and portrait photography business a couple of years earlier and asked if I would be interested in helping her on a couple of shoots. I admired her work, so I jumped at the chance. More than that, I fell in love with the whole process – working with the bride and her family, capturing emotional moments, and creating the beautiful images that they will look back on years to come. I knew at that moment that it was the perfect job for me!

It took a couple more years before I was ready to venture out on my own and start my business. I was still in college and one of my professors put me in contact with my first client! Referrals often come from friends and family but having my photography professor believe in me gave me the confidence that I was on the right path! I’ve since built my business on referrals and really appreciate the clients and colleagues that recommend me to their friends and family.

Being a photographer is more than just a job for me. It is more than having a nice camera or seeing a good shot. It means knowing your equipment, understanding lighting and angles, engaging your client. Being a photographer means seeing the beauty in your subject and having the ability to show it to the world.

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